Legge 991MF Series

Legge 991 C1 Entry Mortice Lock Legge 991 C7 Shopfront Door Mortice Lock Legge 991 C21 Entry Mortice Lock Legge 991 C23 Turn Entry Mortice Lock Legge 991 C27 Double Cylinder Mortice Lock Legge 991 C31 Single Cylinder Mortice Lock Legge 991 C33 Privacy Mortice Lock Legge 991 C57 Passage Mortice Latch Legge 991 V1 Vestibule Entry Mortice Lock Legge 991 V7 Exterior and Exit Mortice Lock Legge 991 V9 Storeroom Mortice Lock Legge 991 V21 Vestibule Mortice Lock Legge 991 V25 Anti-Lockout Mortice Lock Legge 991 V31/V32 Office/Classroom Mortice Lock Legge 990 V55 Exit Latch Mortice Lock
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Application  Commercial



Legge's 991MF configured as either a Combination or Vestibule Mortice Lock has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Australasian market. The 991MF is ideally suited for commercial, industrial, institutional and government buildings, where durability and security are of major importance.

The 991MF has a high purity die-cast zinc alloy case to provide rigidity and precision. Major internal components are made of either stainless steel or sintered steel/ copper alloy to provide durability and strength.

  • Multi-function case allows easy conversion of a vestibule lock function (inside handle-free) to a combination lock function (both handles locked) by a simple external operation 
  • Anti-lockout feature which can be easily configured during installation
  • Lock compatibility with our award-winning QuickFix™ technology for faster door hardware installation
  • Reversible stainless steel latch adjusts for inwards/outwards opening and left/right hand without case disassembly
  • Lock suitable for doors 32mm to 50mm thick. Extended cylinders, spindles, and strike plates available to accommodate thicker doors and wider jambs
  • Latch-head with radius for smoother door closing action
  • Closed through holes to reduce dust getting into the lock
  • 991MF case will accept bolt-through fixing for 50.8mm diagonal, 38mm-41mm horizontal fixing door furniture, and QuickFix™ furniture
  • Follower will accept 7.6mm-8mm furniture spindles, with no adjustment necessary 
  • Quick change cylinder retaining pins
  • Extended door gap range to accommodate deadlatching on a wider range of doors



Mechanical - 30 years

Finish - Refer to allegion.co.nz/finisheswarranty