At Allegion we take our leadership in the security industry seriously, we continually strive for excellence, to develop cutting-edge products to keep people safe and secure in their homes and places of work.

Manufacturing many of our key products within our Auckland Allegion facility offers us a competitive edge and is an integral part of our innovation that allows us to increase efficiency and timely product delivery, while staying close to our customers.








“We test our products so that we and our customers have certainty that they are 100% suitable for the physical demands they will be placed under when in use. We aim to provide peace of mind for our customers, and to make it easy for them to stand behind our product in their projects,” 


Jeremy Gear

Product Development Manager









Allegion regularly invests in new machinery and technology, in addition to exploring methods to improve processes. The need for precision is of utmost importance and the accuracy of fixturing in the machines. All machines follow scheduled maintenance and servicing to maximise performance and efficiencies.








To consistently design and develop safety and security solutions, our local product and sales teams work closely together to proactively elicit customer feedback, conduct market research, and seek inspiration from current trends

We continue to monitor and test various aspects of the product throughout the manufacturing process. These may include tests to check the quality of springs, strength and durability, as well as surface finish and aesthetic checks, to ensure we maintain a high standard of quality.




“We have a stable base of employees who know their job very well, a strong employer brand, and an effective internal referral programme to attract new talent as the business expands.

Flexing of our manufacturing staff has proven to be an effective system. Rotating people to work in the different parts of the factory gives everyone the opportunity to learn other skills and ensure that all manufacturing areas are covered during periods of leave or uneven production demand."


Odette Jury

Human Resources Manager






To further set us apart in the market, Allegion New Zealand offers an extensive selection of special finishes produced in-house to complement architectural designs with our state-of-the-art electroplating plant.

Electroplated finishes add a premium appearance that gives the impression that the plated part is solid and of the same material as the finish. Allegion’s electroplating has automated high-throughput process that creates both consistency and highly durable finishing options. This helps ensure a faster turnaround, quality control, environmental respect, and the ability to accommodate special requests.









“Excellence is a journey and not a destination. We define it as not being perfect, but as having the mindset for continuous improvement.”


Donal Cronin

Plant Manager



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