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Legge’s Luxe. portfolio defines beauty with a range of luxurious hardware finishes to suit any aesthetic.

Create luxury your way, with a range of finishes, pull handles, levers, and plate designs to choose from.

The New Zealand designed, assembled, and finished Legge Luxe. portfolio is the perfect touch of luxury at every turn.


When strength and durability is fundamental to your entrance, consider solid brass.



As a metal alloy, brass is an exceptionally strong material, even after it’s been formed or machined. Door hardware made of solid brass can withstand heavy use without becoming worn or damaged. Additionally, solid brass is resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for your front entrance where it may be exposed to moisture or coastal conditions. Electroplated solid brass provides further corrosion resistance.

Brass offers a luxurious touch of elegance. It has a warm, golden appearance that gives it a classic yet sophisticated look. It can be polished to a high shine or allowed to gradually age and acquire a ‘living finish’. Electroplating brass opens the door to a range of other beautiful finishes to match in with décor and fixtures.

Legge Luxe. finishes and pairings


The finish on door hardware is the final touch that turns a functional piece of hardware into an attractive design element. 

With a total of 10 luxurious finishes, in our range of Legge brass pull handles, levers, cylinders, escutcheons and face plates to choose from, the New Zealand designed and assembled Legge Luxe. finishes portfolio is the perfect touch of luxury at every turn.


Pull Handles

Legge Levers*

Cylinders and escutcheons

Mortice lock face plates and fixing

Satin Black Chrome

A striking and versatile finish that bridges traditional and modern styles.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Perfect for rustic, down-to-earth living spaces.

Antique Bronze

Rich brown hues and golden undertones for a warm, welcoming appearance.

Satin Brass (lacquered)

Subtly bold, for the perfect balance of elegance and understated style.

Satin Brass Unlacquered

A smooth matt finish that’s subtle yet courageous. Matures over time to gain additional gravitas.

Polished Brass (lacquered)

A highly reflective, warm golden sheen that’s compatible with a vintage theme.

Polished Brass Unlacquered

A classic finish that will age naturally to develop a pleasing and enduring patina.

Satin Nickel

A versatile finish of brushed silver hues that flatter and complement any décor style.

Satin Chrome

Its subtle lustre is edgy and alluring, but never grandiose.


A mirror-like finish that suits a contemporary or retro setting.

* Legge 6000, 500, 700, 5300, 5400 Series – Refer to our Legge collateral for other finishes available

Legge Luxe. furniture options


Review our door furniture ranges in both square and rounded styles and see what is best suited for your project. The range includes rose furniture, long plate furniture, narrow long plate furniture, and our brass pull handles.


When you want nothing but the best...


With no compromise on design, materials, or manufacturing quality – sustainable local craftsmanship beats global anonymity hands down. That’s why the Legge Luxe. range is designed, engineered, and finished in New Zealand.

Learn more about our local manufacturing journey by exploring our various case studies.


When you choose Legge Luxe. special finishes, you’re endorsing the time-honoured craft of transforming beautiful metals into functional decorative objects that will last forever.

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